John Abraham’s new TVC for Castrol Power Biking app gives us mixed signals

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John Abraham is a great guy. Not only is he a genuinely down-to-earth person, but he’s also one of the biggest proponents of biking in Bollywood these days. Beginning with the original Dhoom movie that arguably kickstarted the superbike craze in India, his stature within Indian bikers has kept on increasing day by day. He’s also had lucrative endorsements deals with various automotive brands, including Yamaha and Castrol.

This latest 2-minute long TVC comes from the latter. It is an advertisement for Castrol Power Biking, an app that allows its users to plan and add trips, create biking groups, and find the nearest Castrol Biking outlets at a glance.

The ad sees John riding a Royal Enfield up in the snowy mountains of the Himalayas with his friends. His voiceover asks himself, “Why do I ride?” That’s a question every rider has asked himself at least once in his lifetime. John reminisces about the time the going has been rough for him, how uncomfortable life can get on the saddle, and how tyres can sometime give way. About how hands can tremble after a hard day of riding, and how you can get lost in the wilderness.

To some of us, these very things are what make riding a motorcycle such a transcendental experience.  If riding weren’t so challenging, everyone would be doing it. And if it weren’t so thrilling, we might as well all travel in those tin contraptions on wheels they call cars.

At the end of the 2-minute TVS John quite fittingly sums it all up with the answer: “What else is there?” Well, riding, for the sheer joy of it, is what.

What did you think of this ad? Does it give you mixed signals, or leave you more appreciative of the pleasures of riding, as it ought to? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Saptarshi Ghosh says:

    I ride because I like d wind in my head.. D constant air buffeting reminds me that the path forward in lyf is always tough.. I ride because there is nothing more liberating in this whole world than riding.. I ride because i love riding .. Wen m alone on two wheels..m not actually alone.. D engine roar is always dat reminder!!

  • George says:

    Did not get the answer “what else is there” …meaning what ?

  • Well shot, but cliched and stereotypical. The words could have been much better. Doesnt move me one bit

  • Amit says:

    Well shot. But cliched and stereotypical. The words could have had more impact. Doesnt move me one bit