World tourer’s motorcycle stolen half way on the trip

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Motorcycles have always been easy targets for automobile burglars and the numbers don’t seem to dwindle. The pain of having your beloved set of wheels stolen from your own backyard is no less than losing a member in the family. But for Martin Williams from Australia, who set out on a world tour adventure on his Kawasaki KLR650- it was probably the biggest shock of his life.

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The 53-year-old rider left Australia 6 months ago and after having ridden a gruelling 26,000 kms through Asia and Europe, stopped over at Swansea (Wales) to catch up with his relatives. With the ride further slated for exploration of the African continent, Martin got up the next morning to find his KLR650 stolen 🙁

World tour motorcycle stolen

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Shattered on the incident, Martin said “In all my travels I haven’t had any bad experiences until now. I found a cut chain and my luggage thrown on the ground with no sign of the bike. I think it may have been pushed into the back of a van because there are marks. I am feeling really numb and am in shock. It hasn’t sunk in yet. It is a proper travel bike built for rough roads. I had modified it in order to be able to travel around the world. I have had it for about seven to eight years and done a lot of travelling on it. I was supposed to be heading to Morocco and Africa today but now my plans are all up in the air. I was planning to travel for six months, return to Australia and then travel some more but now I have no idea what to do. It is awful news and now all I am hoping for is my bike to be returned to me.”

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The news spread like wildfire and despite widespread media coverage to the heartbreaking event, Martin’s motorcycle was found untraceable. The South Wales Police has been on the hunt and has appealed to the public to report in case they have any information on the motorcycle.

We wish and pray that Martin gets his motorcycle back and continues the journey he had dreamed to accomplish.

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  • this is seriously soo sad …
    i can understand the pain the biker gets when such things happen …i would just like to tell martin one think that .. no matter whats happens .. COMPLETE your journey .. dont stay down .. rise up n ride again … best luck for rest of your journey ..

  • Rakesh Gowda says:

    this is called as ultimate robbery, . . Damn weird people around the world. . .