VIVO To Step Foot In The EV Industry?

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The Indian EV industry has a lot of potential. Being in its early stages means that our country can learn from the more advanced states. It also means that we will serve as a market for all the budding manufacturers. This brings new technology and a wide variety for the buyers to choose from. A similar newbie of the EV industry is VIVO. Back in 2018, VIVO Mobile Communication Co., Ltd. had applied for a trademark under Class 12 of Goods and Services. The description on this application ranged from electric vehicles, cars, motorcycles to much more.

VIVO EV Trademark Application

While this trademark process is still under works, it shows the intent of the brand. Currently, the application stands at Status: Opposed. This means that Vivo might have to release its EVs under a new moniker.

What can we expect?

The Chinese mobile communication brand has had a strategy of providing feature-packed phones at a fairly reasonable cost. This move by the brand was appreciated by all, and it is the reason why all such Chinese brands have caught a foothold in the Indian market. Vivo may keep a similar strategy to the EV sector as well. If so, it could result in the release of low-cost electric vehicles, which will in turn force other manufacturers to bring down prices.

Being a Chinese brand, VIVO will have easy access to mechanical parts and batteries for EVs. China is one of the largest producers of batteries and parts. Even India relies on imports from China. This will help the brand further limit costs, helping it capture buyers in the Indian market.

VIVO logo

An interesting fact about this application is that it encompasses a plethora of vehicles. Apart from the standard EVs, the brand has also mentioned Driverless cars (autonomous cars), Self-balancing vehicles, unicycles, self-balancing unicycles, remote control vehicles (other than toys), and drones (other than toys). Although it is very early to comment on the technology being used to make such vehicles. It is possible, that we might get to see some unique technologies like ‘Gyroscopes’ for self-balancing vehicles and AI coupled with Radar, LiDAR, and Ultrasonic Sensors for autonomous cars.

The company has not made any official statements regarding its developments and aims for the automobile industry. Right now, all we can do is wait.

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  • Mike Smith says:

    Rather provoking article. Made me think. I read about this product before on COMPACOM but know I have doubts whether they were right. Both articles describe similar things but in diametrically different ways. Check it out yourself and decide which one to trust.