Video: Dober-ahua Dog Proves Audi A3 Offers ‘Luxury Without Compromises’

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Audi A3 Luxury Without Compromises video

Audi has released a fresh new video, demonstrating why it doesn’t believe in compromises. The campaign ambassador is a Dober-ahua dog, a cross between the docile Chihuahua and the fierce Doberman – a compromised product of the desires of their respective owners. The video demonstrates the catastrophic results of having a compromised breed – something which is neither here nor there. In this case, the calamitous results of having a hideous cross breed of two polar opposites are demonstrated by scared pedestrians, petrified dog-show judges and terrified kids.

Essence of the story? Compromises are scary – and they scare the product team at Audi as much as it scares everyone else. Hence, Audi asserts that it has done no compromises with the new Audi A3, which delivers ‘luxury without compromises’. We think Audi is hitting the right chords by sending a ‘no compromise’ message with a new car which is sitting at the bottom of their sedan pyramid. A lot of thought seems to have gone into the conceptualization and execution of the video.

Check out the funny video, we quite like it – hope you like it too. You can tweet about the commercial with the hashtag #StayUncompromised. Don’t forget to let us know your views on the video via comments

Audi A3 Luxury Without Compromises

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