Video: Audi mimics the infamous elevator scene from Fifty shades of Grey

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The next time you find yourself in an elevator, you might find yourself praying to experience Déjà vu after watching this clip. If you are wired differently though, you’d be hoping this doesn’t happen at all. Apparently, Audi America has released a new video which mimics the infamous elevator scene from the upcoming movie, Fifty shades of Grey. Starring actress and comedian Vanessa Bayer, the video shows Vanessa trying to seduce random men in an elevator, with pick up lines that would put even the cheesiest man to shame.

Based on the bestselling book with the same title, the movie Fifty shades of Grey will showcase five of Audi’s road going cars, including the A3, Q7, S7, S8 and an R8 V10 Spyder. Featuring a man who exercises control over all things and a woman who wishes to be enlightened by the man, the movie is slated to release this Valentine’s day. Watch the clip, if you drive an Audi, it could make you do strange things like flashing your four ringed key fob, every time you take an elevator.

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