Tokyo Show: Yamaha goes Bonkers with its MWT-09 leaning three-wheeler


Yamaha leaning trike MWT-9

Yamaha has unveiled this crazy leaning three-wheeler concept using the three cylinder 847cc engine from the MT-09.  Curiously christened the MWT-9 (should have found an easier name to remember, Yamaha), the new three-wheeled leaner is presented in a concept form. Yamaha believes that the machine has the capability deliver ‘exceptional cornering performance’ owing to its three wheels and leaning setup.

Featuring dual forks on either side up front, the MWT-9 will apparently be stiffer and more accurate in going around bends. Transmission duties are expected to be taken care of by a 6-speed unit, as in the case of the MT-09.

Yamaha leaning trike MWT-9 (9)

More than anything, the motorcycle in its dark livery with a contrasting hue of blue and with its sharp styling looks sinister, and makes us want to own one.

A three-wheeled motorcycle with tilt function isn’t something new, though. The Piaggio MP3 has been around for some time and has been acclaimed for its handling prowess. The MWT-9 isn’t the only concept of its kind at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show either. We have already talked about the Honda NeoWing which is similar in concept though a lot different in terms of design.  With an apparent focus on this new type of vehicles from two of the largest two-wheeler manufactures in the world, we wouldn’t be too surprised if these new concepts go to production pretty soon.

Yamaha leaning trike MWT-9 (10)

Whether the new machine will self-balance or would require the rider to stick a leg out for support is not known yet, though going by Yamaha’s philosophy of pushing the rider to the maximum, we believe it won’t self-balance.

Yamaha believes that the leaning three-wheeler will create a new category for itself. In an official press release, Yamaha stated, ‘this Leaning Multi-Wheel (LMW) concept model proposes a new type of category in the realm of sport riding. Under a development concept of a “Cornering Master,” the MWT-9 mounts a 3-cylinder 850 cm3 engine on a seamless and dynamically styled body. The exceptional cornering performance provided by the twin front wheels and the bank angle maximized by the outward positioned front suspension forks enable a high level of performance that lets the rider go freely through twisty roads with ever-changing road surfaces and dotted with tight curves in succession.”

Check out more images of the MWT-09 in the gallery below

Yamaha leaning trike MWT-9 (10)
Yamaha leaning trike MWT-9 (9)
Yamaha leaning trike MWT-9 (8)
Yamaha leaning trike MWT-9 (7)
Yamaha leaning trike MWT-9 (6)
Yamaha leaning trike MWT-9 (5)
Yamaha leaning trike MWT-9 (4)
Yamaha leaning trike MWT-9 (3)
Yamaha leaning trike MWT-9 (2)
Yamaha leaning trike MWT-9

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