Tata Motors to Unveil New Petrol Engine on Jan 20

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We have reported in detail about the new petrol engine from Tata Motors. Now, according to a report by ACI, Tata will be unveiling the engine on January 20, ahead of the 2014 Delhi Auto Expo.


 This engine will be the Tata’s first all-new petrol engine since the launch of the Nano with the 2 pot 624 cc engine in 2009. As previously reported by us, this new 1.2 liter motor will produce around 80 bhp of max power.

In spite of the fact that the 1.2 liter motor will be equipped with a turbocharger, its max power output would be restricted to just 80 bhp. Considering the fact that 1.2 liter normally aspirated engines from other car makers develop more power figures than this, Tata seems to be focusing on the fuel efficiency and driveability rather than performance with this.

Autocar says that the upcoming engine traces its roots to the 1.2-liter cast-iron cylinder block of the Indica Xeta. However, the folks at Tata Motors have redesigned the block for better stiffness and balance. Also, the upcoming engine will weigh less than the Xeta’s motor and this would be courtesy the all-new cylinder head. Initially, this engine would have a 2 valve head but a 4 valve head is also in the pipeline. Tata’s TA65 gearbox, which has been significantly improved, will come mated to the engine.

This new 1.2-litre motor will debut in Tata’s new hatchback codenamed the Tata Falcon which will be showcased at the Auto Expo 2014 and will also form the base for a new family of engines.

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