Published by Amit Chhangani | May 21, 2019 in Gixxer SF 250

Suzuki Gixxer SF 250 First Ride Review

Suzuki Gixxer SF 250 First Ride Review. We take the newest offering from the Japanese bike maker for a spin at the Buddh International Circuit.

Injecting new excitement in the 250cc Fully-faired space, the Suzuki Gixxer 250 SF has been launched at a price of INR 1,70,000 Ex-showroom. Locking horns against the now dated Honda CBR 250R, this new Suzuki is styled to appear similar to its 155cc sibling. However, we spent time with one on the track to confirm that the similarity is only visual.

Can Those Looks Shave My Beard?

Well, the Suzuki Gixxer SF 250 isn’t razor sharp in appearance. And it doesn’t need to look like that because it isn’t being presented as a track tool. But as a Sports Tourer which does have ‘Comfort’ mixed with ‘Sporty’ in its appearance. The former is more evident if you look at the split-seating setup which does appear to be puffier than your typically sharp Sportbike.

The front wheel’s rake angle isn’t all vertical and those wide mirrors talk about the Gixxer SF 250’s fast-touring credentials. Unlike what the SF (Generally Semi-faired) in the name suggests, all mechanical components are covered under bodywork which is only available in two colours – Matte Black & Silver. Since the 250 is identical in appearance to the 155 SF, the differentiating factor here is the stickering work and the gloss in the 155’s paint.

Illumination up front and at the back is through LEDs, where the headlight design, again, isn’t very sharp which will cut through a glossy cover, but something which is easy on your eyes. What could’ve been better? The twin-barrel exhaust can is a little too bulky in terms of appearance and the windscreen could’ve definitely been taller. Read on and we’ll tell you why.

Does It Sprint?

At the heart of the Suzuki Gixxer SF 250 is a 249cc, oil-cooled, SOHC, 4-valve, Fuel injected engine which cranks out 26.5PS @ 9000rpm and 22.6Nm @ 7000 clicks. All that is sent to the rear wheel via a 6-speed gearbox and the bike tips the scales at 161 kilos (Kerb). Keeping the engine’s temperature in check is a jacket-like design which cools the oil which circulates around the motor.

Dropping the cog down to in-gear top speeds (Speedometer indicated), the Gixxer SF 250 will do 52 km/h in first gear, 77 km/h in second, 98 km/h in 3rd, 113 km/h in 4th, 133 km/h in 5th and 150 km/h, which is also its top speed, in the 6th gear. Now, these numbers might not stoke the Boy Racer within you, but those who are suckers for a refined engine will be delighted to know that the engine feels refined and smooth as butter throughout the powerband. The are no vibrations whatsoever, the engine feels torquey and pulls cleanly after 2500 rpm.

Fueling feels crips and power is delivered in a very linear and usable manner. Which makes this motor earn our praise and so will it yours if you need a versatile motorcycle which feels at home in the City. Gearshifts are super smooth and the once the rider has dialled in 6000 rpm, the engine begins to sing until it hits the redline at 10,000 rpm.

Does It Dance?

Fitted with 41mm conventional forks up front and a mono-shock at the rear, the not so hi-tech kit is tuned on a slightly firmer side. Which makes the Suzuki Gixxer SF 250 a great handling machine on the track. Sure it isn’t as sharp and focussed in that environment as say, the Yamaha R15, but the Yammie won’t be as comfortable as this Suzuki on everyday roads either.

Braking from the 300mm front discs (The 155 Gixxxer gets a 266mm disc) and 220mm rear feels reassuring and the force is proportional to the speeds this motorcycle is capable of hitting. Dual-channel ABS only adds some more netting to save your fall. The Riding position is slightly sporty and committed, but not as much the R15 and more in-sync with the Sports Tourer credentials of this Suzuki.

If you ask us about handling, it felt great on the track where the single downtube chassis displayed reassuring balance. But again, if you’re thinking about the kind of connection that something as sharp and engaging like the R15 plugs you with, this isn’t that focussed. A special mention has to be made about the MRF Revz 150/60 section rear and 110/70 section front tyres which felt adequately grippy on a hot and dry day.

Where the Gixxer SF 250 will win you over is with its polished qualities of being a usable city commuter, as well as a comfortable long-distance machine. Talking about comfort, the rider’s seat is wide, well-padded and comfortable. On the other hand, the pillion seat is suitable only for short to medium rides.

What Else Did You Notice?

The headlight is big and wide and although we couldn’t test its luminosity in the dark, those LEDs should have a very good spread and intensity once it gets dark. What could’ve been bigger is the size of the Small flyscreen though, which is not very effective against the wind. One has to tuck really well for gusts to pass over.

The Instrument console has two trip meters, a fuel gauge, a tachometer, a speedometer and an odometer along with a service reminder. But it doesn’t compute any fuel efficiency related data. Talking about efficiency, Suzuki claims a figure of 38.6 km/l for the Gixxer SF 250, however, this bike in our opinion can do 30 to 35 km/l in the real world. Fuel tank capacity at 12-litres feels like it falls short of another 3-litres it should’ve had space for.

In comparison to its 155cc twin, the SF 250 gets 10-spoke, thin, diamond cut alloys, whereas the 155 gets 6 spoke alloys. Seat height at 800mm is 5mm more than the 155 and in terms of build, plastic quality and finish, things felt impressive.

Whom Is This For?

The Suzuki Gixxer 250 SF will be appreciated by those who enjoy refined performance and like their motorcycles to be well made and versatile. For such souls, we’re happy to report that this new Suzuki feels every bit a high-quality motorcycle and makes up for the lack of on-paper muscles with real-world refinement.

Suzuki Gixxer SF 250 Specifications
Engine Type 249cc, oil-cooled, SOHC, 4-valve, Fuel injected

26.5PS @ 9000rpm, 22.6Nm @ 7000 rpm.

Starting System Electric
Front Suspension 41mm Telescopic Fork
Rear Suspension Swing arm type, Mono Suspension
Weight 161 Kg (Kerb)
Ground Clearance 165 MM
Fuel Tank Capacity 12 Litres
Front And Rear Tyre 110/70-17″ / 150/60-17″ Tubeless Radials
Price INR 170,655 (Ex-showroom, Delhi)