Subaru tops electrical reliability survey

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Subaru has topped the electrical reliability survey by Warranty Direct this week.  Warranty Direct’s Reliability Index analyses cars over three years old for different types of repair. Across the UK, recorded electrical faults have increased by two thirds (66 per cent) over the last five years as cars become more sophisticated and feature greater levels of advanced electronics.

Electrical faults are now the most common problems across all cars, with 23 per cent of cars needing a repair every year. According to the results, however, only one in seven Subaru models suffer electrical problems each year. Warranty Direct managing director, David Gerrans, said: “As automotive technology continues to advance, cars get more complex. Nowhere is that more so than in the field of computer technology and other electronics.”

Paul Tunnicliffe, Managing Director of Subaru UK, commented:“We’re delighted by the latest Reliability Index findings and they confirm something that many Subaru customers are already aware of – that our cars are among the least likely to let their owners down. Model by model, our All-Wheel Drive range features more electrical equipment than ever before, but that doesn’t mean our customers have to compromise on reliability.

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