Renault India launches Hindi Website For Regional Customers

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Renault India is all set to make its mark in the hearts of its customers. Hindi being the national language of India, Renault has launched its Hindi website to strengthen its presence among regional customers. Language has been a barrier for the regional customers for a while and now Renault has solved this problem.

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In a bid to further strengthen its presence in India and cater to a wider customer base, Renault India has launched its full-fledged Hindi website. With this, Renault India becomes the first four-wheeler automotive brand to launch a bi-lingual website (English & Hindi), taking another step towards enhancing its familiarity and consumer connection with the brand. Offering customer’s language of choice as an interface, the website will enable customers who wish to access the website in Hindi, to efficiently avail information related to Renault’s entire product range and services, enabling direct access to a large portion of potential customer base adopting Internet throughout the country.

Renault Hindi Site

Renault is also launching a WhatsApp chatbot which will be called Renault Virtual Assistant (R.V.A) The bot will be available in three languages – Hindi, Marathi, and Tamil. RVA is all set to launch by end of July.

Renault has been working to strengthen its presence in the smaller town, and the rural market with this strategy, they will be able to cater to their problem as well. It is reported that consumption of content in the regional language has increased exponentially in the last few years. Recently Renault India also launched ‘Rural Float’ for the rural markets. The Rural Float will offer a showroom-like experience to potential customers. In cities where there are no showrooms, these rural floats will offer every service which a showroom offers. With this initiative, Renault showcased their Kiger SUV to potential customers with over 2700 test drives and engaging more than 23000 customers.

Mobile Showroom

Renault has been enhancing its service to cater to the regional public. From online booking to other services, during these tough times. Renault further aims to promote their products in the rural market and make its presence through innovations and unique strategies.

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