Official Lamborghini Aventador driving video

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What you see here is the video of the much anticipated Lamborghini Murcielago replacement – the Aventador. Although the car used in the video is completely camouflaged, you’d be a boor to believe that this is a spy video. The motion picture has been shot using sophisticated cameras, rigs and tracking cars with someone talented behind the camera. This has to be a Lamborghini production. Anyway, car manufacturers love ‘leaking’ the ‘spy images’ of their own cars for free publicity.

The shape of the Aventador stays true to the Lambo heritage in every perceptible way, although one cannot comment much about the details shrouded under that ugly camouflage. The interior is partly visible though, in some of the scenes. Oh, and did I tell you about the exhaust note? Turn the volume of your speakers to max if you want to get inebriated aurally. Enjoy the vid…

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