Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG by Posaidon, makes 830hp and 1350 Nm of torque

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The Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG, has come to define the term ‘Brute Power’, even better than Thor’s hammer-like weapon. This boxy body-on-frame SUV, has a small nuclear reactor for an engine, specially hand-made by AMG. Those power-hungry Germans, have fitted this car (if you can call it, one), with a 5.5-litre BiTurbo V8 heart. This heart, produces a whopping 544 horses and 760 Nm of twisting force. However, a German tuning company called Posaidon, has decided that this, larger than life SUV, needs some more extra shove.


Despite what those placards say, this is not your everyday AMG motor.

Posaidon, like many other tuning houses, constantly get the urge to pump up every car with their own dose of tweaks. In this case, the twin-turbocharged 5.5-litre V8, no longer suffers from a power and torque deficit. That is courtesy to a power upgrade kit fitted to this G63. After Posaidon gets done with it, this AMG engine, generates a cataclysmic 830 horsepower and a truly flabbergasting 1350 Nm of torque. Posaidon does this, by getting rid of the unimpressive AMG twin-turbos and fitting their own turbos. These ones, as you must have presumed, are much bigger. The air-intakes for the engine and the intercoolers for the turbochargers, also get worked upon. There is a custom sports exhaust system and a remapped ECU for the engine. Even the 7G-TRONIC transmission gets re-tuned, to handle all that immense torque.


The interiors remain the same, as this is just a mechanical touch-up.


Posaidon does nothing to the exterior styling.

The standard Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG takes a yawning 5.4 seconds to hit 100 km/h, but the ‘Posaidon-wagen’ dispatches that in only 4.2 seconds! The terminal velocity for this 2.5-tonne Mafia hit-mobile, is now a very worrisome 265 km/h. That said, Mercedes-Benz sees it wise, to cap their G-Wagen, to a more reasonable 210 km/h. Posaidon leaves the interior and the exterior styling and trim of the standard car, untouched. This means you can still cross a continent, or be comfortable when taking the wife to the shops. If you fancy buying one, go ahead and directly contact Posaidon. Leave us a feedback on your thoughts and opinions on this SUV, in the comments section.

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