Harley Davidson India Not To Hike Prices even after CKD duty hike

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The Bike Company Committed To The Buyers In India.

“We are firm in honouring our commitment to our dealers, customers and enthusiasts across India, and are delighted to announce that we will maintain our current prices on our CKD models, the Iron 883 and SuperLow, for this calendar year:” Harley-Davidson India Managing Director Anoop Prakash.

Very rarely do you see a company which stands by its customers. Harley Davidson, the cult in biking which has set up their second production plant outside US here in India said that they will not hike the prices in spite the changes in the CKD norms resulting higher import duty. As we reported earlier that HD plant which is located at Bawal in Haryana will produce the Superlow and Iron 883 which are sold at 5.5 lakh and 6.5 lakh currently are expected to drop prices by 40% – 45% which makes the Superlow around 3.3 lakh and the Iron 883 around 4 lakh. Instead of throwing their weight around and complaining Harley Davidson modestly respected the Government policy and said that they will think about business strategy later when needed.

We are waiting for Harley to start selling the Superlow at 3.3 lakh as that will prove to be a boon to bikers here in India.

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