Ford on a mission to save water!

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In what seems to be an effort to keep the blue oval blue, According to Ford’s 15th Annual Sustainability Report, they have reached their targeted goal of reducing per vehicle water use, two years ahead of schedule.

Ford’s Annual Sustainability Report highlights the company’s commitment to environmentally responsible manufacturing and the targets it has achieved so far. Ford’s President and CEO Alan Mulally has signed the CEO Water Mandate launched by the U.N. Secretary General, which expands the company’s commitment to water conservation and the environment. As a result, Ford’s plant in Chennai re-uses 100% of the waste water generated in it’s plant, water consumption per-car production has reduced by 30% in the last three years, while electricity consumption per car has reduced by 10%.


Now that it has fixed it’s leaking pipes at home, starting this year, Ford will begin an initiative to reduce water use by it’s suppliers worldwide. As Ford continues with its largest global expansion in more than 50 years, the company realizes that working in regions, where water is a scarce commodity, it will sooner or later become costly and reducing consumption for manufacturing makes a lot of sense. Ford also believes that it is a basic human right to have clean, affordable drinking water and access to sanitation, while water saved in any way will help sustain the health and prosperity of that region and its communities.

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