Fiat Considering Buying MV Agusta, We Wish it Does

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Fiat MV Agusta

MV Agusta, the renowned Italian exotic bike maker may soon be owned by Fiat. Italian Fiat Group, which currently owns legendary brands such as Ferrari, Maserati, Chrysler and Jeep, doesn’t currently have a motorcycle brand in its portfolio. MV Agusta, on the other hand is in serious trouble and requires big investment to sustain itself, and in future to expand and stay profitable. There is no official news on this development, but the rumor mill is abuzz with speculation, and closed door negotiations are said to be already underway.


MV Agusta, while not a very big company, is known and appreciated worldwide for its racing pedigree and some of the best motorcycle designs in supersport category. The Italian bike maker also produces some of the fastest machines, which sell for a premium over similar spec motorcycles. The brand also enjoys great racing legacy and has great potential if provided the funds to develop new motorcycles and ability to market them worldwide. If the deal goes through, it wouldn’t probably make much difference to Fiat group financially, not in the short term at least. However, MV Agusta is a brand with great potential, and in the hands of astute management, it can grow big enough to challenge the likes of Ducati on a global stage in the long term.

In a somewhat similar deal, VW bought Ducati in 2012, paying a sum of $1.1 billion. Taking into view MV Agusta’s current state, sales numbers and product portfolio, Fiat may end up buying the company for a much lesser price. Fiat head Sergio Marchionne is a very clever buyer, and he would bring the brand under the Fiat umbrella only if he finds the deal a bargain.

The motorcycle maker, which tasted great success in MotoGP and Isle of Man TT in the 50s, 60s and 70s is a terrific brand in our humble opinion. If nurtured properly, the brand has the appeal to become a global force once again. We really hope and wish the deal goes through, so we can see a revitalized MV Agusta dishing out world beating motorcycles for the street and the ractetrack once again.

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