British Royal Mail’s postal tribute to the Jaguar E-Type

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The Jaguar E-Type a.k.a the XK-E would feature on 2013 postage stamps revealed by U.K’s Royal Mail Postal Service as a tribute to British Automotive Legends.

British Royal Mail Jaguar E-Type Postal Stamp

An icon- not only for Jaguar but in automotive history, the E-type was deservedly conferred upon with the title of “100 most beautiful cars of all times” by “The Daily Telegraph”. The E-Type’s then stunning mix of  style and performance had aficionados chasing it down just for a glimpse.

Jaguar E Type Jeremy Clarkson

And who could forget Jeremy Clarkson taking the car for a 20,000 miles spin around Europe in the BBC documentary “Meet the neighbours”? Where impressing a controversial journalist like Mr. Clarkson was a near impossible task on the planet, the E-Type ended up garnering admiration.

We believe for this reason alone, the E-Type definitely deserves a postal tribute. The stamps would be pressed into service beginning August this year.

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