Blaupunkt launches Tyre Pressure Monitoring System in India


Blaupunkt TPMS (2)

Bringing OEM technology to the retail market which can avert incidents caused due to tyre failure, Blaupunkt India, a world leader in car infotainment and sound has entered a new segment and announced the launch of a Tire Pressure Monitoring System in India. TPMS solutions create a safe driving condition for passengers and drivers by providing real-time information and customizable alerts on tire pressure and temperature conditions. This helps mitigate the risk of accidents caused by tires, a very common problem in India, particularly with increase in highway, freeways and vehicles operating at higher speeds.

Blaupunkt TPMS (1)

Blaupunkt is the first to launch a vehicle tire pressure monitoring systems of international standards in the Indian market. The TPMS system gathers accurate pressure data directly from the tire valves via wireless sensors. It helps with flat tire prevention, tyre wear reduction and contributes to high impact fuel savings, by ensuring that tires operate in optimal conditions. The TPMS kit includes a display unit along with 4 easy to install tire sensors (including a locking mechanism to prevent theft).

Preeti Bakshi, marketing head of Blaupunkt commented “This is the first of several additional products that the company will launch in this emerging but important segment. Blaupunkt is leading the way with a range of TPMS solutions and technologies for retail and OEM segments, including passenger and commercial vehicles, where the companies TPMS solutions can monitor vehicles with 20+ tires and integration of the data into the head unit display, CAN network, smartphones etc. Stay tuned for more interesting developments from Blaupunkt in this space”

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