2016 launch for Rotary powered Mazda Sports Car?

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  • A new rumour says that a new Rotary powered Mazda sports car  might become a reality in 2016

We really wonder if Autocar sources have been sufficiently credible of late, because only recently, Mazda made it pretty clear that the brand has decided against returning to rotary engines for any of its future models. At the most, these will be put to use only as range extenders.

The renowned British publication, however, feels that while Mazda has no plans of coming up with a rotary powered sports car anytime soon, “privately, executives admit that the car and a new rotary engine are under development and that a launch date has been included in Mazda’s long-term product plan.


Mazda RX-7 interiors

Autocar says that the speculated spiritual successor to the highly recognized RX-7 will be launched sometime towards the end of 2016 financial year. This model will be powered by a new gen Wankel  rotary and is likely to be launched along with as many as four other models. The upcoming model will be powered by a normally aspirated, non-turbocharged, low capacity Wankel rotary motor that will have a max power of little less than 300 hp. As for the name of this rumoured model, Autocar says that it could or could not get the RX-7 nameplate.

The report further goes on to say that the upcoming Rotary powered Mazda sports car would look quite similar to the the smaller MX-5.

We believe that while all of the above should be taken with a pinch of salt, we just can’t help but start drooling over prospects of having a Mazda RX-7 successor. 

via Autocar UK

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