McLaren 650S Sprint Breaks Cover

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The McLaren 650S Sprint will be launched this weekend at Pebble Beach. It is a more track-oriented version of the McLaren 650S coupe. 

McLaren 650S Sprint Breaks Cover

The McLaren 650S Sprint benefits from a host of recalibrations that have been done on various elements of the road-going 650S coupe. The Sprint uses the same engine and transmission systems as the 650S does. Changes include the recalibrated engine and the transmission system. The company claims that these differences help in providing a more engaging “GT Racing Experience” as compared to the earlier car.

A few technical details about the 650S Sprint :

  1. Uses the same twin-turbocharged 3.8 Litre V8 that does duty on the 650S
  2. Transfers power to the rear wheels via the similar seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox used on the 650S
  3. Expect power figures to increase over the stock 641 bhp, 677 Nm stats of the road-going 650S
  4. 0-100 kph sprint time will also be lesser than the 3.1 seconds that the 650S takes
  5. A revision to the Brake Steer system has been introduced, which can brake the inner wheel for improved cornering. The outer wheel rotates faster and covers more distance, whereas the inner wheel rotates slower and covers lesser distance.
  6. A new race configuration for McLaren’s ProActive Chassis Control System has been introduced.

The McLaren 650S Sprint rides lower than the normal 650S coupe. In addition, it possesses recalibrated adaptive dampers and an on-board air-jacking system. These additions are expected to improve the handling characteristics of the 650S Sprint. McLaren has also retuned the active aerodynamics on the new car. Also available is an optional ” Computational Fluid Dynamics ” package, that will provide an additional carbonfibre rear spoiler and another front air splitter. These additions can improve the top whack of the new car.

Interiors are devoid of luxury, save for an air-conditioning system. The spartan cabin includes :

  • A FIA-approved rollcage
  • Integrated fire extinguisher
  • A new carbon fibre racing seat with a six-point harness
  • There is an optional passenger seat available

McLaren will unveil the new 650S Sprint in racing livery at Pebble Beach this weekend.

Source – Autocar India

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