Kia Soul Crossover takes a dig at Honda Jazz/Fit with a Jelly Bean experiment

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2016 Kia Soul jellybean (1)

The blokes at Kia Motors have come up with an interesting way to promote their all-new crossover. The company has released a new video on their social engagement page comparing their 2016 Kia Soul Crossover with the Honda Jazz/Fit. They have put these cars head-on to compare the interior space of the two and to evaluate the same the Kia fellas fill the vehicles with jellybeans!

2016 Kia Soul jellybean (2)

First and foremost, even if the comparo is interesting to watch it is not a fair match, since both the vehicles do not belong to the same segment. The Honda Jazz/Fit is a subcompact hatchback whereas the 2016 Kia Soul is a subcompact crossover SUV. So, without even a test, one can tell who will win the interior space competition. The Soul should have picked up something of its own size.

2016 Kia Soul jellybean (4)

As for the specifications of the Kia crossover, the base variant of the 2016 Soul employs a 1.6 Litre, Inline 4 DOHC 16-valve engine equipped with Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI), whereas the + (Plus) and the ! (Exclaim) variants are deployed with a 2.0 Litre engine. The 1.6 Litre engine makes 128 Bhp of power at 6,300rpm and 159Nm of torque at 4,850rpm. The bigger 2.0Litre unit delivers 161 Bhp at 6,200 rpm and the 204 Nm of torque kicks in at 4,000 rpm. The base variant gets a 6-speed manual transmission as standard and an electronically controlled 6-Speed Auto with Overdrive transmission as an option. This optional package is offered on the Plus and Exclaim variants as standard.

2016 Kia Soul jellybean (5)

Honda Motors are you listening? It is time for you guys to come up with some whacky test from your side! We are waiting! Here is the video showing the Jellybean test conducted by Kia Motors.

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