Honda CB1100 café racer Concept by Dimitri Bez: Contemporary and vintage simultaneously

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Honda CB1100 Concept by Dimitri Bez (1)

We have covered quite a few examples of café racers at Motoroids and you can click here if you fancy some extra reading. In the meanwhile, however, take a look at this pristine and classique example of a café racer from a certain French designer named Dimitri Bez. Bez is an industrial designer and is a graduate from the ENSAAMA art and design school, Paris. Glueing his artistic skills and a passion for creating one-off designs, Bez has made everything from custom-designed watches to wood-burning stoves, boats and some really off-beat cars.

Honda CB1100 Concept by Dimitri Bez (2)

The headlight unit is a “love it or hate it” kinda deal.

However, his Honda CB1100 café racer Concept has to be one of his best ever creations and his first attempt at a custom motorcycle. In terms of its sheer design and appeal, the Honda CB1100 café racer Concept beats several other such bikes, hands down. That said, this one is just a rendering of what it could look like if it came out of the drawing board of the French designer.

Honda CB1100 Concept by Dimitri Bez (3)

The rear blends a single-piece taillight right behind the saddle.

The entire top structure that forms part of the fuel tank, saddle and the structure of the taillight unit are all machined out of a single piece of aluminium. The brown leather saddle looks great and blends into the overall design of this café racer beautifully. The bike also incorporates clip-on handlebars which are placed low, characteristic of café racer design. The lower portion of the design brings in elements from days of yore and the design features spoked wheels, classic spring rear suspension, naked chain etc. 

Honda CB1100 Concept by Dimitri Bez (4)

The sculpted aluminium tank is one of the best features of this bike.

Parts such as the rear shocks, body frame, parts of the engine are all finished off in subtle, yet stylish matte black paint scheme. Put the contemporary brushed aluminium coloured upper body, classic brown leather saddle and matte black finished segments together, and what you get is a rare café racer Honda. Also, it seems like the engine remains unchanged from the regular Honda CB1100. That means 1140cc air-cooled DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder which produces 80-odd horsepower.

No one knows what the performance, price, mechanical specs and other details are for this Honda CB1100 café racer Concept by Dimitri Bez. As of now, it is just a fancy sketch, but we sure do hope that this stunning looking piece of two-wheeled design comes to life. We are confident that most of you want the same thing. Do let us know what you think about this “once a plain Honda, now a true piece of art” motorcycle. Also, would you buy one if it came to life?

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