VIDEO: Why to invest in a good motorcycle helmet?

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You can forward this link to that friend of yours who has argued with you or laughed at you for buying a expensive helmet.

Motorcycle helmet is a crucial accessory that every rider must have. In fact, in many countries, it is illegal to ride a motorcycle without a certified helmet. But why is it so important to wear a branded/certified helmet instead of a regular one? Well, a certified helmet goes through a range of quality and safety tests before it is sent out for sale. The quality of the shell, the padding and the aerodynamics of the helmet are thoroughly tested for reliability during a crash.

A YouTube video uploaded on a channel called Hernaldo Jara showcases two motorcycle helmets being tested for their reliability. The first helmet is a Marushin Samura (ECE2205 certification) which is priced at approximately USD 260. The Marushin is placed against a uncertified Chinese helmet brand called RZE which costs approximately USD 40.

The person checking the reliability of these two helmets does a basic test, the hammer test. He first places the Marushin helmet on a chair and hits it hard with a hammer. He then does the same thing with the RZO Chinese helmet. Now, although we all know what the result is going to be, it is highly recommended to see the entire video to check out the level of difference that both the helmets show.

Here is the video:

So, would you still buy a cheap, roadside helmet? Share your opinions through comments below. Stay tuned to Motoroids for all the updates from the world of auto.

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