VIDEO: BMW 5-Series gets hit by SUV in Russia; You wouldn’t wanna be in the SUV

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Dash cam captures accident in Russia

Most of us love big 4×4 vehicles and even end up buying one to carry our loved ones in presumed safety. We like to think that they are the best place to be in if something goes awry. The feeling of being perched high above other ‘insignificant’ road users, protected by couple of tonnes of metal, we forget about simple physics. Well, we are not here to drive you away from your next car purchase, but to just fill you in on some simple physics and a short lesson on road safety. Of course, BMW 5-Series owners are free to feel a bit smug. This video will show you a glimpse into what can happen, if an SUV has to swerve in an emergency.


The 2011 BMW 5-Series, similar to the one in the video.

You see, most SUVs are tall and this means that their centre of gravity is somewhere in the stratosphere. Basically, the flip-side of being a tall-riding SUV, is weight at the top. This arises from the raised height of the vehicle and its various bits and bobs. Thus making 4x4s, likely candidates for a rollover accidents if the driver has to attempt an abrupt emergency maneuver at higher speeds. As you are about to see in this video, the BMW saloon car makes a left-hand turn in St. Petersburg, Russia. The BMW was being trailed by an SUV travelling at a considerable velocity. When the Beemer decelerated to make the turn, the driver of the SUV slammed on the brakes to avoid a collision. But, it was too late and the crash was imminent, that’s quite apparent on the video. You can even see the 4×4’s hazard lights being triggered by the sudden braking. What happens after the collision, is what is more revealing than the collision itself.


Despite their mighty road presence, SUVs are highly prone to rolling over.

Post the collision, the saloon car clearly gets thrown some distance, but manages to stay on all fours. However, the SUV, almost immediately, rolls onto its side. Imagine if there were people on the inside, who hadn’t worn their seatbelts. They could have been tossed within the cabin and would have even lead to fatal injuries. So, for all the SUV drivers out there, make sure you dial down your speed and keep a good watch on the road in front of you. And on a serious note, keep a safe distance from the preceding vehicle. Watch the video and tell us what you think of it.


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  • Kinshuk says:

    The BMW tok a lef turn from the middle lane and turned on the indicator just before turning that too a fraction of a second…

  • fatdirtdog says:

    Look again. Left turn signal is on and he isn’t in middle lane. SUV going way too fast and not looking ahead.

  • Arul says:

    The mistake seems to be with the BMW driver. He took a turn from middle lane(I dont see the indicators as well)