Bentley might launch an Entry Level Four Door-coupe in 2018

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It is being said that Bentley is busy with the development of a four-door coupe that would rival the BMW M6 Gran Coupe and Mercedes CLS. To be positioned below the Continental GT, this four door coupe will also become the new entry level model in Bentley’s product portfolio.  The upcoming car could be launched in 2018 and prices are expected to start at 125,000 Euros.

Dimensionally, the car will be similar to the Continental GT, which is 4.8 metres long. Bentley expects that it would be able to sell 5,000 – 6,000 units of its upcoming car anually. Powering the car could be a set of V6 engines borrowed from Porsche.

Also, the car would be based on Porsche’s MSB platform. This is the same platform that would underpin the second gen Porsche Panamera, which would come in 2015. The same platform would also underpin the Mulsanne and next Continental GT. This platform would ensure that weight remains under check. It is expected that the next Continental GT would be as much as 450 kgs lighter than the current car.

The next gen Continental GT could come in 2015, with the four door coupe arriving only in 2018.

via Car Magazine

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