2014 Bajaj Discover 150F and 150S Review: Evolved Commuting

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 2014 Bajaj Discover 150 F (17)

Discovers in various avatars have swung by ever since Bajaj introduced them way back in 2004. Since then, Bajaj has been at it, tinkering the Discover over time to suit rapidly changing tastes of the commuting class. The new Discover 150 twins are Bajaj’s new jab at the premium commuter segment, and now form the flagship of the Discover lineup- the range now starts with the 100T and these new 150 twins top it off.

2014 Bajaj Discover 150 S (5) 2014 Bajaj Discover 150 S (2)2014 Bajaj Discover 150 F (20)

What twins?

The Discover 150 comes in two flavors- a half-faired F and the more skimpily dressed S, which does away with the fairing.

2014 Bajaj Discover F & S (3)

What’s the difference?

The 150 F’s half-fairing shows a modicum of sporty intent, while the partly digital instrumentation and LED tail lamps add some more finesse. The 150 S gets a smaller bikini fairing, but retains the F’s headlamp cluster along with the pilot lamps, yet does away with the LED tail lamps. The S also gets a regular analog instrument cluster. Apart from that, both the bikes share the same cycle parts. Also, all that paraphernalia also makes the F 5 Kgs heavier than the S- that does very mildly reflect on the dynamics a tad, but more on that later.

2014 Bajaj Discover 150 F front fairing (2)

Half fairing on the Bajaj Discover 150 F

2014 Bajaj Discover 150 F instrument cluster (2)

Partly digital instrument cluster on the Bajaj Discover 150 F

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  1. kp says:

    so the discover 150 twin’s are better products than current pulsar-150 which is priced at 81000 on road?

    • The positioning of the Discover 150 is very different from the Pulsar. While the Pulsar is performance oriented and meant for the enthusiast, the Discover is oriented more towards the aware, discerning commuter who wants more from his everyday ride.

  2. Vishal says:

    WOrst bike in Indian history. My friend bought yesterday, again gear problem same as 2010 model

    • Pradeep says:

      You are right Vishal, I just bought a D150F. This bike of mine is having problems with the gearbox. especially the 2nd gear is very hard at times and also on the very second day of my purchase the gear liver has come out because the screw was not tightened properly.Cant call it a bad bike, Pickup is good, looks are good, expect good mileage.

  3. Gopi says:

    what about mielage friends…..

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