2014 Honda Activa 125 Review: Vision over Visibility

| July 15, 2014 | 8 Comments

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A motorcycle with all its gears, the clutch, the heat from its engine is sometimes an annoyance – especially on a hot, humid day with jammed roads. A scooter on the other hand is a big respite from harassment in such conditions, something like the 2014 Honda Activa 125. With no gears, no clutch and no heat radiating onto the calves, it makes life much simpler. The lack of juice in a regulation scooter, though, keeps some commuters away from the gearless machine. The canny blokes at Honda have noticed the void, and have come up with a bigger, spunkier version of their superhit Activa to offer those looking for a fusion of power and practicality a reliable option.

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Now don’t be mistaken, we are true fans of the motorcycle just like you and nothing beats the feeling of being on one, on a long open highway. However, in the unpleasant city traffic, not having to depress the clutch a million times or change gears a gazillion times is a more preferable way to commute for most. The theory holds particularly true especially when the scooter in focus boasts some extra thrust to stay abreast with the motorcycles. So lets talk some more about the grown up version of a scooter which  has changed the way million commute in India. The Activa brought the scooter segment back from the dead to become the largest selling two wheeler in India. We analyze whether the Activa 125 has the substance to replicate its forebear’s achievements.

Design, Instrumentation & Ergonomics:

The new Honda Activa 125 follows conventional design like the Activa 110, which will continue to sell along side the bigger version. The design is mature, featuring chrome on its nose which appears to us as a two-wheeler analogy of the Honda City. The integrated headlamp on the handlebar looks strikingly similar to Hero’s Maestro, and makes you wonder if the duo continue to be friends even after their broken marriage.

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The rear panel sits visibly lower in comparison to the Activa 110’s design, where it swept upwards. The tail lamp and rear indicators are now integrated in a single, big, smart looking unit, while the grab-rail is bigger and the fold-able footrests have an anodized finish. The instrumentation is part digital, featuring a trip meter, a fuel gauge and an odometer. The speedometer continues to be analogue and does the dance from 0 to 110 when the key is turned to ‘ignition’ mode.

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Surprisingly, we found the speedometer to be connected to the rear wheel. The headlight requires special mention as there is now a pilot lamp that sits below the 35w bulb and the main candle provides better throw and illumination.

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  1. pratyush says:

    No gear? How is that possible?

  2. kp says:

    good review guys and useful too

  3. Virat says:

    Very colorful review indeed, enjoyed all three pages.

  4. Satish says:

    Very well reviewed. Good work. And why a taller scooter for an average female heighted at 5.2-5.4? Think they are targetting males now.

  5. baliga says:

    is that price worth for standard variant ? or should i opt for tvs jupiter.

    will Appreciate ur response.

    • The two scooters are very different in terms of their price and positioning in the market. The Activa 125 is more expensive, and is meant for those who want that extra go from their everyday twist-and-go ride. The Jupiter, on the other hand, is a more practical and economical choice. What are your priorities? May we know, to answer your question better?

  6. I want a honda activa 125cc bike with dics facility.my choice of colour is midnight blue metallic.

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