Breaking: Honda CB150R (Streetfire) to launch in Feb

| January 31, 2013 | 24 Comments

The CBr150R Streetfire bike we told you about a couple of weeks back is making it to India in February. The naked version of the CBR150R, the bike shares its engine and all its mechanicals with the faired machine.

Honda, in association with its Indonesian partner Astra Honda Motor  unveiled the CB150R Streetfire, at the Jakarta Motorcycle Show. The CB150 Streetfire, was meant only for the Indonesian market initially, but is now confirmed to hit the Indian shores as well. Currently the CBR150R faces stiff competition with the Yamaha R15, which is less expensive, more stylish and a better bike overall. However, with the fairing shown the bin, the cost should come down drastically, giving Honda a fair chance to undercut the R15 on pricing, and claw back some ground in a segment in which is hasn’t succeeded much yet.

As mentioned earlier the CB150R Streetfire is the same bike as the CBR150R – so its powered by the same engine. The 150cc liquid cooled engine produces  peak power rated at 17.5 bhp @ 10,500 rpm and peak torque of 12.5 Nm at 8500 rpm. The front fork, rear monoshock and the chassis – everything remains the same, with slight cosmetic alterations and some new stickers stuck on to create a new bike

The new bike, without a shade of doubt, has been created for the Asian market, and we can bet our head on the bike making it to India sooner than later. Dropping the price tag to a sub-1 lakh point would help Honda handle both Pulsar 200NS and the R15. The bike was presented in four colors at the Jakarta Show – Black, White, a KTM-ish Orange with some added accessories and a Honda Tricolor scheme.

Check out the video, which tries to project this little machine faster than it actually is. The bike looks funny when the video is fast forwarded to enhance speed. Do let us know whether you would buy it over the R15 for Rs 10k less

Source: ACI

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  1. KIranK says:

    Unless they bring it here with the USD forks and a bad ass styling ,I am not sure it will go that great. The 1st pic looks very similar to the Dazzler , many here in India buy bikes for the posing value (RD350/OLD RE skyrocketing price now ) and if it ain't a looker it ain't a clicker.

  2. prasad says:

    looks like the worst ever bike design. What a piece of mess bolstered together…

  3. Tushar says:

    I wont mind owing one! However, I will only buy it, if it is priced well between Pulsar 150 and Pulsar 180.

  4. asdf says:

    Poor tail design .. its second half looks lik some cheap budget bike ..

  5. says:

    the frame is different. The CBR is using the perimeter frame while the CB use the trellis frame. It is an all new frame design by astra honda.

  6. aryanto says:

    yup. this is the ocupy on honda get ceaper prize, so more people can buy it. btw when you have CBR 250 cc, release the full fairing , you will see similar body frame on CB125. maybe India People more like big head lamp like bajaj,tvs…nehi in Indonesia. diffrent taste :) . here honda dazzler called new megapro..not bad market..evenmore if have a good/proportional headlamp…it will be one of best choice for 150 cc bike.

  7. im better says:

    haha indian…….. , atleast honda has a better quality and technology….. huft..

  8. badrun says:

    whats this? new model of mega pro? have a cool name, and have a poor of…everything..

    im not honda's fans.. but this is way too ridiculous..

    thumbs up.. Nice Joke Astra Honda

  9. hemanth says:

    I like Honda's engine but looking at this CBR street fire I don't think I will compete any other bike like KTM DUKE125..more over tis price should be as less as possible than other bikes..

  10. jugul says:

    kayaknya komen2 d atas dari orang yang sama ya? benarkah? bermaksud apakah?



  12. Rahul Nargundkar says:

    Step 1 take the cbr150, remove all the body..
    Step 2 take the dazzler, remove all the internals and the tank floating cowl, just keep the body..
    Step 3 put the cbr150 parts inside the body of the dazzler..
    Step 4 Design a new cowl and "cool new graphics"..

    There you go you have a brand new bike..

  13. gustinR says:

    CB150R Streetfire’s chassis is different from CBR150R.

  14. george says:

    I think this will be a nice fast city highway commuter, the conventional seating /handle will be ideal option for all types of bikers

  15. bang rey says:

    if i’m not have a honda tiger yet i’ll buy it soon….. not the other

  16. Raghu says:

    Absolutely a big flop from Honda, don’t know how can Honda copy design from Pulsar 200NS, Yamaha Frazer

  17. vicky says:

    i want to purches can ugive me full details with price in mumbai….
    As soon as possible sent me my bike details….

  18. Lawrence says:

    Love it! A true man’s choice, if you don’t like it you ain’t one.

  19. Srujan says:

    Ihave a Stunner Green But Street-fire is Awesome
    Im wating too…

  20. devaraj says:

    when this bike will be released……..

  21. Mas Ozzi says:


  22. wow, baru tau berita ini. ternyata setelah sukses di Indonesia, CB150R Street Fire juga melanglang di India. amazing. apakah kesuksesannya sama dengan penjualan di Indonesia? kita tunggu

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