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Bajaj has been trying hard to unsettle Hero MotoCorp from the top of Entry Level Commuter bike segment. Let’s face it, no matter how modern our bike market has got, the consumers in this segment are still willing to give two hoots about features as long as they get stellar fuel economy figure.

Bajaj has been pretty much struggling to give a fight to the more established rivals and the CT100, the Boxer and the Discover 100 are some of the products which sold in pretty good numbers but failed to be half as victorious as the Hero duo.

hero-splendor-vs-bajaj-discover-100-t motoroids-pramotion-728

Bajaj, not demoralized with failing to put an end to Hero supremacy, has come up with a new 100cc commuter bike that they claim is the country’s most advanced 100cc bike ever.

We have no intention of doubting this claim and we decided to put the new Discover 100T against the eternally dated Hero Splendor Pro.


The Splendor Pro, in spite of featuring a gazillion updates, remains true to the styling of the original Splendor and in 2013, looks bare basic and seems to have an amalgamation of bland surfaces. We have to however give to Hero Motorcorp for offering a good paint quality and incorporating ‘features’ like clear lens headlamp/indicators and alloys.

The Bajaj Discover 100T is distinctively reminiscent of the bigger brother 125ST and this is only a good thing as the new Bajaj feels like it belongs to a segment above. While the new Disco scores many brownie points for looking modern, stylish and upmarket, the 125ST owners won’t appreciate the fact that the baby Disco looks too much like its elder brother.

Engine, Fuel Economy and other details 

Powering the Hero Splendor is a 97.2cc, single-cylinder, four-stroke motor that seems long lasting enough to survive a couple of nuclear explosions and beg for more. The puny motor pumps out a satisfactory 7.3 bhp and the only place in the city where it feels underpowered is the traffic light drag race.

But when was the last time you wished to indulge in drag racing astride a Hero Splendor?

The engine offers a good Fuel Efficiency of about 50-55 kmpl and mated to the motor is a 4 speed (what else?) gearbox that offers slick shifts.

The Bajaj Discover 100T’s engine, benefitting from new age construction and DTSi tech (?), produces a good 10 bhp of power and 9.2 Nm of torque. The manufacturer says that the bike has a genuine top whack of 100kmph and we are pretty impressed. The engine gets a 4 valve head and is derived from the Pulsar 135’s motor.  The motor is mated to a 5 speed transmission.

Talking about what matters the most, the new Bajaj Discover 100 T has a claimed FE of 87 kmpl! While we urge you to take this with a pinch of salt, 50-55 kmpl seems to be pretty achievable in the real world.

The only ‘features’ available on the Hero Splendor are the Alloys and a luggage rack at the rear (yeah, we have had our share of laughter!).

The new Disco though, wins the features compare in one clean sweep with the gas charged rear shock absorbers, alloy wheels, DC headlamp, autochoke, electric starter and LED taillight.

Priced at INR 50500, the Bajaj Discover 100T is a bit pricier than the Hero Splendor. But for that little extra, you get a much more modern bike with a thousand bells and whistles.

Hero might argue that the Splendor will serve you for next 50 years but do you want to see yourself riding a Splendor all your life?

Our advice- Take the Discover 100T and get yourself a KTM 200/Pulsar 200NS 5 years later.




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  1. i want to purchase a 100 cc bike
    have 2 options 1-hero passion pro
    2-bajaj discover 100T
    help me out to decide btween thes two
    fuel efficiency and power matters!

  2. Hello Guys,

    I have found 1 glitch.
    found that one of my friend own 100T.
    after couple days he purched bike and running bike for 10 kms Engine gets heat.

    is this norma with new bike?

    Please advice.

  3. One of the key difference in the two bikes is simplicity of Splendor. Look at the seating for example.
    What bajaj is good at packing as much stuff (features) as possible. And that's what the USP of Bajaj is.

    The USP of Splendor is durability i.e. whatever it is, it is perfect from durability perspective. It is a simple bike for family with good comfort.

    Discover is more of style, fun to ride, power etc.

  4. I have a Pulsar 150 for the last 10 years and 4 months now. At 1,25,640 kms, she is still strong and reliable. Every kilometer of the 1.25 odd km has been ridden hard. Apart from the regular oil changes, I have had to change the battery twice, the clutch recently and the tyres…rest all is as it came from the factory since day 1.

  5. Need to ride the new Discover 100. Last time when I rode the 125, it was pure delight…the engine was a gem. Hope the same feel is retained on the D100. The points where the Splendor scores are a bullet-proof Honda engine that would hold up against negligence of the highest order. Honda engines simply don't seem to age, the same can't be said about Bajaj engines- at least the earlier ones, lets see how the new breed holds up on long term.

    • Just to give you a view… I used the Pulsar 180 for 5 years from 2002-2007… Never once an engine problem… Currently using the Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi since 2007… Clocked roughly 75,000kms and yet to encounter an engine problem… And boy do I hammer my bikes… Yes I do take good care of them too… 😀

      • I had a Pulsar for 6 years and clocked close to 2 lac kms on it. Not that the engine gave niggles, but it simply lost its initial feel- matter of engineering. Nothing against Pulsar or Bajaj bikes- it has always been my first love in motorcycling and I still have a soft corner for Pulsar as a brand. But ride something like a 5 year old Hero/Honda/Yamaha etc and then a Bajaj bike- the difference in feel is so obvious. Though I wish things change for the better- looks like they are. The NS and the new D125 are a completely different breed of motorcycles when compared to their peers. Hope the same goes for the D100T too.

  6. wrong……….splendor churns out 7.8bhp
    wat abt the resale value f a bajaj bike??
    yep the engine f hero's splendor n passion seems outdated but does the job ..n initial pickup is bad.
    fuel effeciency is great 62+

    • AFAIK . . that is 7.8 PS which is approximately 7.5 bhp. Also, even if it is 7.8bhp, I don’t think it would make the Splendor a R1 beater.

      As for doing the job. . . Will you prefer Bata over Woodland? The former does the job pretty well.

      Finally, its for you to decide. You can take a Splendor, use it for a decade and sell it for a good price.

      Or you can take a Discover, be faster than most other 100cc bikes, have more features, and sell it after 5 years for an okayish price.

      Choice is yours.