Voluntary recall for diesel variants of Chevrolet Sail duo

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The Indian subsidiary of General Motors has issued a voluntary recall for the diesel variants of its Chevrolet Sail U-VA and sedan. Under this recall drive, as many as 4,000 units of the Sail twins will be recalled to check a “potential engine issue which is not safety related”.

We aren’t too surprised to hear this recall drive. Our regular readers would remember that we reported in detail when GM India suspended the production of diesel variants of Sail twins due to quality-related issues with the motor. Back then, we were pretty sure that GM India would soon issue a recall for all the Sail Diesel variants it has sold in the country.

While the production and sales of both Sail and Sail UVA have re-started, GM India would wish to apply corrective measures to the cars it sold before the production was terminated. GM India will soon notify all customers of Sail sedan/UVA customers which were sold before the production was ceased. These vehicles will be inspected and the repair work will be carried out across 278 service centers, of course, at no cost to the owners.

Talking about the recall, P Balendran, vice-president, corporate affairs, GM India said,”Our customers are at the center of everything we do. Quality is our highest priority. If there is an issue, we ensure that it is corrected as soon as possible as part of our complete commitment to customer satisfaction.”

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Source – Economic Times

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