VIDEO: Watch Volvo’s Automatic Emergency Braking System Save A Not-So-Smart Kid

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Kids should be aware of basic road etiquette and it’s the responsibility of parents and teachers to make them aware of the safety tips. Sadly, it was too late for the young boy who was hit by a motorcycle when he suddenly ran towards the other end of the road.

Here’s the video of the incident:

It was almost too late for another. This kid should be thankful to Volvo’s Automatic Emergency Braking as if it wasn’t for the safety system, he probably wouldn’t have been so lucky.


As seen in the video, five kids could be seen getting off the bus. However, one not-so-smart lad decides to take off carelessly and cross the road. Meanwhile, another kid spots the massive truck coming from the other side and runs for help, but a little too late. Thankfully, Volvo truck’s automatic emergency braking system recognizes the stray pedestrian and brings the massive vehicle to a standstill just in time.

Check out the video below:

About time autonomous braking system becomes standard on vehicles. Agree? Let us know your views through the comments section below.

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