Official Lamborghini Cigarettes to be launched on 18 April


Lamborghini fragrances and Lamborghini branded electronics later, we now have Lamborghini cigarettes. Recently, KT&G, leading tobacco manufacturer at South Korea, acquired the rights to officially introduce Lamborghini branded cigarettes. Korea Tomorrow and Ginseng ( KT&G) produces cigarettes like Lo Crux, Raison, Esse, Zest, This Plus, This, Arirang, Indigo, and The One.

KT&G Lamborghini Cigarettes will hit the market on 18th April and will go for 2,700 Won (USD 2.4) each.

KT&G said, “The new premium brand has been in development for the past three years to target both the domestic and overseas markets. The new cigarette has been made of top-of-the-notch materials and has been designed as a¬†premium product with a global brand value.”

We just hope that the Lamborghini fans who are non-smokers, do not end up taking to smoking to get more loyal to the popular Italian supercar manufacturer.


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