Honda NSX aims to have Ferrari 458’s performance characteristics at Audi R8’s price tag

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Honda Showcased its new petrol-electric hybrid supercar, NSX with the intention of providing performance at an affordable price tag. Set for a launch in 2015, the NSX supercar is powered by an innovative three-motor Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) system.

Sport Hybrid SH-AWD is an all-new, three-motor high-performance hybrid system that combines torque vectoring all-wheel drive with advanced hybrid efficiency through the use of three electric motors – one motor integrated with the V6 engine and its all-new dual-clutch transmission (DCT) driving the rear wheels, and two motors driving the front wheels.

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Ted Klaus, the NSX’s head of development said, “We have to achieve the type of acceleration that the customer is achieving with the Ferrari. More importantly we have to achieve this every day and also at the Nurburgring.”

Klaus further added, “I think we are aiming within the range of the Audi R8. I realise that is a wide range but the NSX will still be extremely accessible.”

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Honda also plans to introduce different engine variants and body types for the NSX. Speaking about different variants, Klaus said, “I think we would be foolish to develop NSX without open-top intentions down the road. Should you do a convertible first, should you do a higher performance version first – these are challenges for us to consider.”

Honda will reveal the production version of the NSX at the Tokyo motor show that is scheduled in November 2015.

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acura-nsx-india-expo-images- (2)
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Honda NSX Concept

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