Ducati 848 EVO – official video out!


Just a couple of days we told you about the 2011 version of the Ducati 848. The 2011 version of the bike, dubbed the 848 EVO offers more power and some extra goodies for no extra money. Now Ducati has released the official video of this sub-1000cc rocket. While most would love the bike draped in blood-red Ducati colour, we are absolutely smitten by its matt-black finish as well. The cool thing is, you save $1000 if you opt for the black colour. Cool, ain’t it. But watching that red Ducati in action wont cost you any money at all – Enjoy!

Ducati 848 EVO official video released by Ducati - the new bike is the 2011 year model of the Ducati 848


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