Brand New McLaren 650S Spider Crashed during test drive in Singapore

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A brand new 2014 McLaren 650S Spider has suffered a crashed several days ago in Singapore. The crash happened wheen a prospective customer took the car out for a test drive.


McLaren recently introduced the 650S Spider at the Geneva Motor Show in March this year. Three months later we already have a crash registered with the 12C Spider replacement. The following crash happened a few days ago in Singapore in the late night hours on a highway where the traffic was moderate at the moment of the incident, according to local reports.

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Details on how the crash happened aren’t clear at available at this moment. The McLaren 650S Spider has suffered extensive damages to the left front portion and most likely will be declared a total loss. The Spider belonged to a local McLaren dealer in Singapore and was driven by a potential customer for a test drive which unfortunately ended with a crash test.

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