VIDEO: Polish rally driver continues rallying even after his steering wheel comes off!

VIDEO: Polish rally driver continues rallying even after his steering wheel comes off! Rallying seems very interesting.


Polish rally driver loses steering wheel

For most of us, the steering wheel of a car is vital and if we were to lose that, we would freak out. This contraption is even more important if you are a rally driver and doing a couple of hundred kilometres per hour. Blazing through some narrow wooded path, the one thing that you need as much as the brakes, is the steering wheel. However, seems like in the minds of some Polish rallying folks, that big round thing that steers the front wheels, can be done without. The loss of which, can be tackled by just clutching whatever is left of the steering mechanism hard and using that to manoeuvre the car.

2015 Volkswagen Jetta facelift Steering Wheel (2)

The steering wheel is a chuckable component. That’s if you are a Polish rally driver.

The video starts off without anything amiss or weird. That’s right up until a hard corner comes up and the driver furiously turns his wheel to the left. What happens next is not just funny, but stupendously rib tickling. After several turns, voila! The steering wheel simply pops off its mountings! For most of us, that would be an undefeatable roadblock. Nope, not for this Polish chap. The co-driver, who should have been flummoxed at this point, seems discernibly unfazed.


Trust us when we say this. You don’t want to lose that steering wheel while rallying.

What happens next is even funnier. The two men take a quick sitrep and then, decide to bravely go on with their race. Albeit, a little bit slowly we presume. That said, these are some of the most persistent, brave and utterly cheeky racers we have seen for a while. Of course, try not to do the same if YOU were to lose that wheel. Just come to a stop and call someone for help. Haha, these men though! Have a watch and let us know what you thought of this whole predicament.


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