Top 10 Reasons To Buy An Electric Car Now

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The Indian automotive industry is going through a paradigm shift with high adoptions already in place in the 2-Wheeler, 3-Wheeler segments, and the 4-Wheeler segment is showing opportunities with FY22 sales showing a growth of 234% over FY21 numbers.

What is driving this adoption? This article looks at the top 10 reasons why you should buy an EV.

Skyrocketing fuel prices

Fossil fuel prices in India are at all-time highs, and drivers are wary of the discretionary use of automobiles. Since EVs are charged by electricity, there is no dependency on fuel prices. On a single charge, some four-wheelers can travel over 300 km and two-wheelers can go up to 100kms. You will end up paying around INR 1/Km compared to around INR 9/km in ICE vehicles.

Moreover, in the current scenario where a hike in fuel charge contributes directly to the inflation of commodities, EV adoption for commercial purposes can also help in controlling inflation.

Low cost of maintenance

One of the practical reasons to prefer an Electric Vehicle (EV) over the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Vehicles is its maintenance cost. EVs have fewer mechanical parts than the complex structure of fossil fuel engines and are a lot easier and more inexpensive to maintain. Lesser number of parts means less number of replacements and lesser need for spare parts.


Government Incentives

The Indian Government has been encouraging the use of EVs and incentivising EV manufacturers. About 50 per cent of Indian States have initiated state policies for promoting the use of EVs. You can enjoy a financial subsidy on purchase, low-interest rates on loans, exemption from road tax, registration charges, toll-charge, and free permits for fleet drivers and free parking (all subject to individual state policies) and the Government has also initiated to reduce GST and interest-free loans for OEMs.


Convenient ‘refuelling’

Get rid of waiting in queues to fuel your vehicle during peak hours. With EVs, you can charge at the comfort of your home or your workspace for a couple of hours, and you are good to go. With the overwhelming competition of excelling in the EV space, more and more companies are advancing to use enhanced technologies to charge the EVs in a much lesser time.


Easy and fun to drive

Most of you would have wished at least once to switch to a gearless vehicle while being stuck in traffic for long hours having to change gears frequently. All the EVs including scooters and cars are gearless. If you are a beginner, EVs are an excellent choice. You can enjoy a pleasant ride. Electric Vehicles are also lighter in weight than ICE vehicles.


Safety than Fossil fuel vehicles

Since the Centre of Gravity is low compared to a conventional petrol/diesel car, the chances are vehicle toppling is quite less. If a defect is identified, the power flow is disconnected automatically. The battery is automatically disconnected from the high-voltage components in less than a second, allowing you to slow down and evacuate even if the vehicle catches fire since Li-ion batteries are slow-burning compared to petrol/Diesel.


Great driving experience

EVs offer you a better driving experience since they generate instant torque, which means the vehicle produces rapid, responsive acceleration resulting in a smooth and outstanding drive experience.


Ever-expanding public charging

Government and private institutions are announcing on almost a daily basis about setting up charging stations along highways and expressways. You can say goodbye to range anxiety now.


Exciting options to choose from

With automobile manufacturers setting up ambitious targets to partially or fully shift to EV production, exciting EV options are coming out in the market from both homegrown manufacturers as well as international manufacturers.


Easy on the planet

One of the main advantages of owning an electric car is that you contribute to a pollution-free environment around you. Tailpipe emissions are non-existent for EVs and thus reduce air pollution considerably. Going electric is not only easy on the pocket but also easy on the planet. This also means no more daunting visits to Pollution test centres.

Have you noticed how silent EVs are? They also thus contribute to less noise pollution.


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Mr. Prashant Radhakrishnan, Vice President (Sales & Marketing), India – SemaConnect

Mr. Prashant Radhakrishnan, Vice President (Sales & Marketing), India – SemaConnect

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