From Tea vendor to Supermodel: Watch Arshad Khan promote the Super Power Archi 150 motorcycle

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It was just another day for Arshad Khan, a tea vendor who was going about his business in Islamabad, Pakistan. When his picture, clicked by a local amateur photographer went viral and changed his life. Khan became an overnight sensation, bagged many modelling contracts and started appearing on morning shows. The blue-eyed boy also promoted a motorcycle in Pakistan, called the Super Power Archi 150. In case you’re wondering, Super Power is what the bike maker calls itself.


Although we tried to find the full version of this commercial, we only managed to find this little snippet which is just a few seconds long. One of the posters for the bike reads, “Arshad Khan, In & On,” which got us thinking that there is perhaps a dramatic commercial in the waiting. But no such luck.


Built by a company called Super Power, the Archi 150 is powered by 4-stroke, 149 cc single mated to a 5-speed box and can hit speeds of up to 100 kph. The Archi also features a digital speedometer, self-start ignition front and back LED lights. Targeted at the youth of Pakistan, 19-year old Arshad must’ve been the right choice to promote the bike, for his tea to ramp story.


Arshad is said to have 16 siblings, and last we heard, was planning to quit the entertainment industry. Apparently,  his appearance in a photo shoot and a music video did not go down well with his family, who’ve been pressurizing him to distance himself from the glam industry. There were some reports about him doing a movie too, but we don’t know what happened.

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