Honda builds excitement with new CB Trigger Ad Campaign


CB Trigger TVC

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. (HMSI) has commenced its new Ad campaign titled ‘Untame yourself’ for the new CB Trigger. The TVC is created by Dentsu Marcom and is running on air across channels. The new TVC showcases Honda’s ultimate answer to the latest Technology, CB TRIGGER which caters to needs of those young Indians who desire a global motorcycling experience, as well as a motorcycle perfect for daily commuting.


The film starts with the backdrop of a jingle (about a domesticated “cutie pie”), where the protagonist is being tamed by his friends, girlfriend and other members of the society in their own ways.

The protagonist goes on to say “Do they make my choice, do they define my life, and do they make my destiny”?

He wants to take his life in his own hands and the Honda’s new bike is a trigger for him to realize that enough is enough and he breaks the shackles of society saying “I don’t belong to them. I belong to myself’

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