Electronics Major Sony Showcases Electric Car Concept At CES 2020

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Since building an electric vehicle, in theory, isn’t as complex or requires concentrated expertise like the process which involves building an ICE-powered car, electric mobility has the potential to democratise the process of building automobiles. It could pave the way for new players to enter the space and it’s already happening. Electronics giant Sony has showcased an electric car concept under its ‘Vision-S’ initiative, at the ongoing CES 2020.

Sony Electric Car Vision S Concept (3)

The makers of the iconic walkman and camera sensors which are still the mainstay for modern-day phones when it comes to optics, Sony’s prototype incorporates the company’s imaging and sensing technologies, as well as on-board software regulated using Sony’s AI, telecommunication and cloud technologies to continuously update and evolve its features. A total of 33 sensors including CMOS image sensors and ToF (Time of Flight) sensors are embedded within the vehicle, in order to detect and recognize people and objects inside and outside the car and provide highly advanced driving support.

Inside the cabin, Sony’s “360 Reality Audio” provides an immersive audio experience through speakers built into each seat to encapsulate passengers in sound. The front seats face a panoramic screen on which diverse content can be enjoyed through an intuitive user interface. Sony will continue to combine its advanced technologies to deliver greater safety and reliability, while also harnessing their expertise in the AV space to revolutionalise in-car entertainment experiences.

Sony Electric Car Vision S Concept (2)

For this prototype sedan, Sony teamed up with a number of companies such as Bosch, Continental, NVIDIA and Qualcomm. The car’s autonomous driving skills are still at Level 2, which means that it can accelerate, brake and steer on its own, but still requires a driver to take control if there is a malfunction in the system. The car is a four-seater and is powered with twin 200kW motors. How fast? It can go from 0-100 kmph in 4.8 seconds and go on to hit a top speed of nearly 240 km/h.

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