Amit Chhangani

From a very early age, Amit daydreamed about automobiles. Within months of getting his first motorcycle, the first gen Suzuki Fiero, he set off on a 1000km one way trip to Nepal without letting his parents know. There was no looking back after that, as his craze for all things on wheels kept growing to manic levels thereon.

His passion for automobiles soon landed him a job at Next Gen Publishing Limited, where he joined as a correspondent for Car India, Bike India and Commercial Vehicle India magazines. Amit helped the three brands take shape in their formative years. Five years later, when he quit the company as Deputy Editor for Car India and Bike India magazines, he was one of the most recognizable faces for the two brands. During his stint at Car India and Bike India, Amit also contributed to Car UK magazine and played a Juror in the 2008 and 2009 editions of the NDTV Profit Car & Bike Awards. Amit was also one of the Jurors for the Performance Bike of the Year Award for the year 2000.

In 2010, Amit founded Motoroids, India’s first two wheeler e-magazine, and an automobile news and reviews portal. He also contributed for some publications in the Middle East during these months, including He single handedly handled the automotive supplement for the Free Press Journal as a Senior Auto Columnist for several months before relinquishing the responsibility owing to increasing work pressure at Motoroids. Amit has also been associated with several other magazines and publications including Top Gear India, CFO, CarsalesIndia and some international publications for which he continues to work part time till date.

While being at the helm of Motoroids, Amit has also worked as a consultant for several auto companies for their product development program, and has also been taking lectures as a visiting faculty at IIT’s Industrial Design Center at Mumbai. Excessive workload in office has taken the thrill of motoring away from Amit’s life for a bit, but he’s going through all this to be able to indulge in more uninhibited motoring in a few years. He nurtures a dream of owning a private racetrack someday, on which he could ride and drive the bikes and cars of his choice to his heart content.


Deepak Dongre

A car lover and an avid cyclist to start with, till the day he accidentally kick started his friend’s Splendor and rolled a few metres in first gear. That actually was the start of his biking journey and the wheels started rolling when he bought his first motorcycle – a Pulsar 150 DTSi, later graduating to a Karizma and then at present a CBR250R. From small weekend rides to long distance sprints- any place and any distance felt good on two wheels, and suddenly all other modes of transport started looking stupid. Biking brought numerous friends and equally numerous destinations to ride together and memories to be cherished for life. Inspirations such as Dr. Arnob Gupta gave him the itch for endurance riding and it turned out to be successful certifications for Saddlesore and Bunburner runs. Trekking is another hobby that I have, but its riding that always takes the cake on priority.

Biking he feels is living the better part of life…once on the saddle, worries are left behind- you are not even your own self, you’re a new born on every ride. The pleasure feeling of seeing the lane markings pass under your pegs in a hurry and your body cutting through the wind drag, the feelerbolts as your pen and you write down your very existence- nothing comes close to the experience. Fortunately he thinks he lives this better part of life at every opportunity that comes his way and considers himself extremely lucky to be in the company of seasoned riders who have always inspired.


Suvil Susvirkar


Born and brought up in Mumbai, Suvil always had an interest in automobiles. As a kid, he wanted to become a MotoGP racer. While that dream didn’t come true, motorcycles continued to give Suvil solace when nothing else did. Being an automobile Journalist was Suvil’s way to stay close to motorcycles and so, after completing his PG in Journalism, Suvil joined Motoroids – India’s leading auto blog. After spending about eight years with his MY2003 Hero Honda Splendor, Suvil now rides a KTM Duke 200 – his most loved possession to date!

Karan Tripathi


As a kid, Karan had a penchant for things bigger than his body. His first bicycle was taller than him and his first crush was his father’s Ambassador and an RX-100. From sneaking out with his dad’s machines when he was not around, to venturing out for impromptu rides, Karan’s journey has been full of adventures and passion.His first ever car was a Palio GTX, as his girlfriend’s father owned a petrol bunk back in the day. After flirting with a Karizma, an RD 350, an Enfield Electra and having some naughty times with a CBR 600, Karan finally boarded the right train called Motoroids.

Ayan Ghosh

Ayan Ghosh

Ayan grew up in a small, sleepy industrial town in West Bengal, and was quick to pilot his father’s Premier Padmini. Quiet afternoons were spent leafing auto magazines or dog-eared issues of Sporting Cars magazines. All things automotive became a disease- it started with sketching cars, even trucks and buses. Soaking in whatever information he could lay his hands on came in next and following the advent of the internet, he involved himself in forums and on the web about all things automotive. Sketching skills led him to believe he was fit for automotive design, but after a tempestuous PG Course in Transportation Design, Ayan hopped on with the Motoroids India team.

Rohan Patil

Rohan Patil

Born and brought up in Pune, Rohan had a thing for cars since his pre-school years. He always expected toy cars in wrapped gift boxes presented to him on his birthdays.As a kid he was fascinated about driving and always observed people driving various vehicles, be it a bus or a SUV.His passion for cars grew gradually over time after he started driving his family car without taking any lessons, whatsoever.

An F1 fanatic, he considers Michael Schumacher as the God of F1. Every race weekend, his neighbours cursed him for the high TV volume. He hates the silent V6 engines used in the latest season, but also understands the need for efficiency regulations.

Passionate about driving and exploring the countryside by road, Rohan directly hit the NH4 on his second attempt at the wheel. Although he has driven many cars ranging from the humble Maruti 800 to the big daddy Mercedes S-Class, his ultimate fantasy is to drive a Chevy Corvette on the German autobahns and a racetrack.

Hrishikesh Deshpande

Hrishikesh Deshpande, aka Hrishi, is in his own words, an eternal learner, traveler, photographer, foodie, adrenaline junkie. He believes that there is much to learn and experience in life, and too less time.

He is a speed freak, and is a part of most of the motorsports events occurring in the country. He has participated in the Desert Storm and Raid-de-Himalayas rallies. He has also volunteered at the Buddh International Circuit as an Intervention Officer during the first ever Indian F1 Grand Prix.

Like every biker, he also has made the Leh pilgrimage, and is forever plotting for the next trip. As a hobby photographer he tries to capture his experiences in two dimensions, and sometimes succeeds. Hrishi reviews cars for Motoroids in Mumbai, and holds aloft the motorsport flag on the website.

Professionally, he works for an Investment Bank, as an AVP in the IT world. He is an SME on Agile Development, and a firm believer of the SCRUM Development methodology.

He hates morons on the road (and off them too), and would love to have a couple of bazookas mounted on his car to do Darwin’s job. The adjectives impatient and competitive describe him well.

But, he is a biker at heart, and is happiest on a winding road, on a good motorcycle.