Yamaha to start Female Riding Training Programme in India

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Yamaha is planning to start an exclusive female rider training programme in India. The company recently launched its first ever scooter offering, Ray in the country, and the new programme will help the company target the urban young female riders – its primary prospective customer base. The company has already been working towards capturing its TG by appointing more female staff at its dealerships across country. Yamaha has also appointed Starlet Deepika Padukone as its brand ambassador for the Ray scooter.

The Yamaha Female Riding Training programme will commence very soon and will be meant exclusively for women. The company has also worked towards improving customer care quality for female customers by appointing more female staffs at customer contact points and introducing female customer care programs. Currently, India Yamaha Motor has more than 400 dealers across India and plans to spread out to more cities increasing its dealer network to 2000 by 2014. The company is also working on its secondary network to be realigned to reach more & more customers in rural areas.

Apart from the female Riding Training programme, Yamaha has also been organizing initiatives like the Yamaha Safe Riding Science Programs, R15 One Make Race Championships and the Sales & Service camps with good success.

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