Yamaha Cage Six Concept: A bike made exclusively for stunters

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What you see in these images is the Cage Six, what Yamaha thinks is one of the first ever factory built motorcycles to cater to professional stunters. Okay, this may not be the bike a professional stunter would ever be caught dead on, but Yamaha needs to be given some credit. They have addressed a segment which hitherto has been driven only by passionate enthusiasts who have been custom building their own motorcycles.
The cage Six is based on the XJ6, which has been tweaked to suit the requirements of the one-wheeled daredevils. Look closely and you’ll easily spot the changes. The biggest giveaway is that monstrous rear sprocket which would deliver enough torque to the rear wheel of this baby to lift the front up in a jiffy.  Then there are the footsteps on the front axle, as many as four crash bobbins and the complete absence of any glassware. Look ma, no headlamps!

The handlebars have been modified for additional safety, and the width of the rear wheel suggests it was probably designed for a car – more the traction and width at the rear, the better.
The cage six isn’t exactly a scorching looker, but it isn’t a dud either. The angular, chunky design of the bike, with a huge tank, a unique colour scheme and a total lack of fairing gives it an aggressive street-fighter look. We see some visual elements borrowed from the Tenere series, and which could not be a bad thing.

We love the concept. Now calling all stunters to let us know their views on this unique machine. Check out the gallery below and get commenting!

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