Yamaha 250 to be out in 2014

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The blokes at Yamaha for sure are going up and down a tidal wave when it comes to their much hyped 250cc motorcycle. It has been in talks since an era now and rumours even hinted at its unveiling at the EICMA 2012, which could be best compared to the Emperors missing clothes. In fact Mr. Hiroyuki Suzuki (MD & CEO- Yamaha Motor India) had clarified about their focus being inclined more towards scooters and no new motorcycle would be rolling out of their assembly lines till 2015.

Now suddenly the news has cropped up that Yamaha India plans to finally get cracking with the 250cc avatar. Mr. Suzuki stated “We will focus on the scooters category for next two years, but in 2014 we will launch powerful sporty 250cc bike in the Indian market. There is a good market for this premium segment which we would like to tap.”

Looking at the current scenario and with the segment currently dominated by the KTM Duke 200 and the Honda CBR250R, launching a 250cc as far as 2014 would only complicate the situation for Yamaha. By the time the 250cc sees light, the competition would have inched ahead with a better offering in terms of technology and cubic capacity. With the 500s from Honda and the 390 from KTM waiting in the wings for an onslaught- the 250cc would be more likely to be overshadowed by the more powerful offerings.


In fact we feel that the single pod liquid cooled powerplant from the WRX250X would make a great idea. With 30 horses peaking out at 10,000 rpm- these specifications would make a brilliant companion for spirited riding couple with the handling prowess that Yamaha in India is renowned for.

Now only if Yamaha could get their act together before they lag the competition by another mile.

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  • Anish Nair says:

    i have been waiting fo yamaha to com up wit a launch atlst so that my wait is atlst complete.
    if not then i only have RC390 or a ninja 250 news if similar designs of N300
    stil waiting…..

  • Anish Nair says:

    in this pic..
    ders a chok given!
    i presume its an FI.

  • varun says:

    expecting nice and powerful 250cc bike from suzuki…but they are sleeping

  • Ryan says:

    In India though power is an important factor,It is also important that how aggressive a motorcycle look……….there are 250 cc motorcycles like Honda CBR250,Ninja 250, KTM 200,…but still people are crazy about Yamaha r 15 as it looks aggressive…………. motorcycles companies are introducing sports bikes in Indian market……but they are lacking the look of a real sport bike…………..if the above pic is real….I am sure Yamaha r25 is going to draw some serious attention…………………only thing is needed is more committed sitting position………………

  • Deepak says:

    Actually there is nothing like being outdated. Even with 250cc bikes available, the 100cc motorcycles still form a greater slice of the pie. Its all about purpose. You would still have takers for the Yamaha 250, but question is how many? If you have a 45+ bhp KTM compared to say the 30 bhp Yamaha selling at the same price which is as a good handler, people will definitely be lured towards the Duke.