XUV500 becomes the fastest SUV to reach 50,000 sales mark in India

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Tough as it may be to believe, the relatively expensive Mahindra XUV500, has raced ahead of every other SUV launched in the country thus far to get the distinction of being the fastest to achieve the 50,000 sales mark. The Cheetah inspired machine which is Mahindra’s most technologically advanced product to date seems unstoppable as regards popularity.

The first year of the car’s launch in India saw the demand for the vehicle far outweighing its supply. This led to Mahindra employing a lottery system for allotting the cars for prospective buyers. Now after having reached the 50,000 mark, the demand for the SUV seems to be still going strong. There have been talks of there being some issues with the car’s gearbox and electricals, but that doesn’t seem to have affected the vehicle’s attractiveness as there still is a long waiting period for the big SUV.  Mahindra is ramping up production at its plant to deliver the vehicle in a timely manner.

We congratulate Mahindra for having achieved the feat, but the big selling Renault Duster, along with Suzuki’s upcoming compact SUV and the Ecosport may just break the XUV’s record. With the compact SUV segment becoming the next big attraction for all major carmakers in India, it will be interesting to see for how long the XUV can hold its record.

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