World’s fastest Mercedes Vito does 1/4 mile in 9 seconds!!

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Coefficient of drag…what is that? Drag racing cars with engines the size of a 2 BHK rule. Heck! In this case, the car itself is not too different from a brick wall. Seems like someone wicked in Australia decided to come up with a full tilt drag race version of a Mercedes Vito van!

Usually, the Mercedes Vito vans that we see play the role of light-duty delivery vehicles. However, this particular Vito has been customized using a full tube chassis, lots of carbon fiber sprinkled on it, a 632ci BBC engine(!!) and full drag spec race suspension.

As per the claims of those who uploaded this video, these quarter mile runs were made with the engine in a Naturally Aspirated (N/A) mode. However, the van should eventually see a dosage of nitrous oxide for some power boost. After the addition of NOS, we safely expect the van to have a high 7 or low 8 quarter mile run.

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