World’s safest car? Volvo V40 sets new record in Euro NCAP test

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Volvo cars have always been known the world over for their safety features. Now, the new V40 hatchback is holding true to the tradition by setting new benchmarks in safety tests. The new Volvo car scored a 98% score for adult protection.

Volvo managed to achieve such a high rating even with a rather small size of the car by virtue of using five different strength grades of steel for the main body structure. The tactically designed steel structure provides strength around the occupants, yet allows itself to deform in strategic places to release impact energy. A whole army of airbags inside the cabin further aids safety.

The V40 also has Volvo’s innovative active safety technology such as Auto Brake, blind spot monitoring system, lane-keeping system and several other technologies to let an accident not happen in the first place.

And the car doesn’t just take care of the occupants. It takes pedestrian safety to a new level as well by employing technologies such as a pedestrian airbag as a standard feature. This makes the V40 the highest scoring car in terms of pedestrian safety as well.

Good going Volvo. Keep up the great work!

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