With 195bhp the Ducati 1199 leads in power to weight ratio!

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Seems like the BMW S1000RR will finally have some serious competition in the form of the new Ducati 1199 Panigale! After thwarting challenges from Kawasaki and Aprilia, the S1000RR has the latest challenger in the form of the new Ducati. With peak power rated at a whopping 195bhp and wet weight pegged at a mere 179kg, the Ducati has the best power to weight ratio of the superbike pack at 1.09:1.

Ducati 1199 panigale Vs competition

Not without reason has Ducati shed a bit of its history to adopt new design and tech for the new SBK. Clearly, the 1199 will be most exciting thing happening to the biking world in this otherwise boring 2011when it makes its debut in November.

The 1199cc twin engine will have a radically oversquare engine. Expect this one to scorch the track and road alike. BMW, beware!

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