WHO says that diesel exhaust is dangerous for Lungs

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The Indian car users are basically divided into two sections when it comes to the debate about pollution caused by diesel vehicles. While the one says that diesel cars pollute more than petrol cars do, the other says that it is the diesel cars which harm environment much lesser than petrol cars. It seems that it is the former that has always been correct.

In the latest development on all this, World Health Organization (WHO) has declared that inhaling fumes emitted by Diesel engines is harmful for lungs and a possible cause for lung cancer.

WHO has also said that owing to the recent findings and other health hazards, exposure to diesel particulates should be reduced all over the world. Back in 1988, International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) had classified diesel exhaust as ‘probably carcinogenic (cancer producing) to humans’.

Source: Times of India


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  • Anant Bhatia says:

    And that's exactly the reason why Euro 5 And BS5 emission norms will make the use of Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) compulsory. No more particulates, no more cancer.

  • Nilesh Sundar says:

    TOI is a joke! And for all you know, they may have been paid by the government to create this as a new big story. Then the Government can take the high moral ground saying we are taxing the diesel cars by 1.5lacs to protect your health! 😀