Volvo Designer presents a P1800 Coupe for the 21st Century

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Three things that come to my mind the moment the word Volvo flashes: Safety, which is a good thing, Buses, again they are good and Boxy & Boring, which is not. Yes, the recent offerings from Volvo are a distant cry from being boring and their designs in no way are boxy but it should take a fair bit of time before Volvo manages to change people’s mindset about its designs.

This design here might be of some help though. One look at the P1800 and the adjectives that come out of mouth are..well.. classified under unmentionables on a ‘clean’ website like ours. This has to be by far the sharpest, sportiest and most sensuous design to ever come up from Volvo’s design boards.

This year marks the golden jubilee of the Volvo introducing the P1800 coupe and to celebrate this event, Swedish firm’s head designer and a P1800 lover, Christopher Benjamin presented this sketch of modern day version of the coupe. Benjamin’s design has some elements of the original P1800 giving a retro touch to the newly acquired and futuristic styling language of Volvo. 

Sad part is that Volvo has no plans for launching a successor to the P1800.

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