Volvo CNG City Bus trials commence in Mumbai

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Volvo Buses recently started trials of the Volvo 8400 low-floor CNG city bus in Mumbai. Mr. Ashok Patil, Chairman of Brihanmumbai Electricity Supply & Transport Undertaking (BEST) flagged off the bus from Oshiwara depot. Manish Sahi, Managing Director, Volvo Buses in India was present on the occasion. Senior officials of BEST were also present at the ceremony. This initiative has been made possible with support from BEST.

Following the successful trials in New Delhi and Navi Mumbai, the Volvo 8400 low-floor CNG city bus will now run in Mumbai. The CNG city bus, like all products from the Volvo stable, adheres to the highest quality, safety and technology standards. The high-performance CNG engine has been designed to meet the rigours of city driving conditions.

Akash Passey, Senior Vice President – Business Region International, Volvo Bus Corporation and Chairman of the Board, Volvo Buses in India said, “Volvo Buses’ understanding of the customer and passenger needs has reflected in the kind of products it has developed for Indian cities. The Volvo 8400 low-floor CNG city bus has been adapted for specific needs and is an effective solution to address sustainable public transport and clean technology concerns. We are happy that BEST has decided to run trials with this bus. We are confident that passengers in Mumbai will experience the quality, comfort and motivation to travel that this bus offers.”

The Volvo 8400 has the best power-to-weight ratio in its class . The low-entry at the front and in the middle means it is easy to get on and off, even for passengers with impaired mobility.

The CNG variant also houses the new transmission from Volvo – Ecolife, which aims to offer the driver and passengers a superior drive experience. It offers significant fuel reduction opportunities due to a fine-tuned optimised gear system which operates at the most efficient speed ranges in terms of fuel consumption. The bus is equipped with intelligent systems to recognise when a vehicle is moving into idle or into gear thereby reducing fuel consumption again.

Volvo 8400 low-floor CNG city bus has unique features such as self-diagnostics and sensors for crash, heat & fire detection that increase safety levels in the bus.

  • Container valve, self-diagnostics

The containers are equipped with a self-test device, monitored by fuel tank monitor to ensure the function of the container’s solenoid valves. Each time the bus’ main switch is turned on, the self-test is put in stand-by state. When the engine is started and runs at idle, the solenoid valves are opened one at a time and the system runs a cycle that tests the function of all solenoid valves. If the throttle is opened, the test is stopped but starts again as soon as the engine is at idle. Once the test -cycle is completed, all solenoid valves are opened, even at idle.

  • Crash Sensor

The crash sensor equipped at the electrical box above the driver area is connected to the fuel tank monitor. In case, there is sudden drop in the system pressure or if there is a huge impact on the vehicle due to accident the crash sensor would get activated shutting of all the cylinders via the solenoid. There will be no fuel supply from the container till the crash sensor is reset after vehicle repair is completed.

  • Heat Sensor

The heat sensors are located in the engine cabin side. In the event of higher than normal heat is detected, driver immediately gets a warning. This is a crucial system and can avoid any imminent fire hazard.

  • Fire Sensor

The fire sensors located inside the engine cabin is equipped with an automatic fire extinguisher of power type. As soon as the fire is detected, powder would be sprayed all across the engine thus extinguishing the flames. This system can also be activated manual by a switch located at the driver area.

Volvo city buses are being operated in 13 cities across India – Bangalore, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Mysore, Mangalore, Faridabad, Chennai, Vellupuram, Thiruvanathapuram, Kochi, and Hyderabad. 

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